List of events - Cards
When a card is automatically created
event notes
card_added_to_career_advisor Card added to career advisor
card_added_to_channelCard added to channel
card_added_to_journeyCard added to journey
card_added_to_pathwayCard added to pathway
card_approved_for_channelCard approved for channel
card_assignedWhen user assigns a card to another user
card_assignment_dismissedWhen assigned card is dismissed
card_bookmarkedWhen card is bookmarked
card_comment_createdWhen a card comment is created
card_comment_deletedWhen a card comment is deleted
card_createdWhen a card is created on the platform
card_deletedWhen a card is deleted/removed from the platform
card_dismissedWhen a card is dismissed so that it won't be visible
card_editedWhen a card is edited by user
card_edited_from_career_advisorWhen card is edited from career advisor
card_likedWhen user likes a card
card_marked_as_completeWhen user "mark as complete" a card
card_marked_as_uncompleteWhen user "mark as uncomplete" a card
card_pinnedWhen user pin a card
card_poll_response_createdWhen user selects an option in a poll
card_promotedWhen a card is promoted
card_publishedWhen a card is published
card_quiz_response_createdWhen a user provides a response on a quiz card
card_rejected_for_channelWhen a cad is rejected for a channel
card_relevance_ratedWhen user adds relevance rating to a card
card_removed_from_career_advisorWhen card is removed from career advisor
card_removed_from_channelWhen user removes a card from a channel
card_removed_from_journeyWhen user removes a card from a journey
card_removed_from_pathwayWhen user removes a card from a pathway
card_sharedWhen a user shares a card with others
card_source_visitedWhen user views the link on the card
card_trashedWhen user moves the card to trash
card_unbookmarkedWhen a card is unbookmarked
card_unlikedWhen user unlike a card
card_unpinnedWhen user unpin a card
card_unpromotedWhen a card is unpromoted
card_unreportedWhen a card is unreported
card_untrashedWhen a card is restored from trash
card_video_stream_downloadedWhen a livestream/Video Card is downloaded
card_video_stream_previewedWhen a livestream/Video Card is previewed
card_video_stream_started_viewingWhen a user starts viewing a livestream/Video Card
card_video_stream_stopped_viewingWhen a user stops viewing a livestream/Video Card
card_viewedWhen user views a card

Standard Fields

field notes
ecl_idUnique ecl ID
card_idUnique Card ID
card_titleTitle of the card
card_subtypeSubtype of the card
is_publicIs the card available for other users
card_author_full_nameAuthor Full Name
user_full_nameFull Name of the User
user_handleUnique user handle
average_ratingRating of the card
card_author_idUnique author ID of the card
user_idUnique ID of the User
org_nameOrganization Name
card_stateIs the card private or public?
card_typeType of the card
org_hostnameOrganization Hostname
is_card_promotedCan the Card be promoted?
ecl_source_nameSource Name of the ECL
is_user_generatedWas the card created by the User?

Edited events

We track changes to the following attributes:

author_id, hidden, published_at, resource_id, title, state, message, is_official, card_type, card_subtype, ecl_id, provider, duration, is_paid, filestack, readable_card_type, is_public, language, level

Event-specific fields

category events fields
Assignmentcard_assigned, card_assignment_dismissedassigned_to_user_id
Poll responsescard_poll_response_createdpoll_option_label, poll_option_id
Quiz responsescard_quiz_response_createdquiz_option_label, quiz_option_id, is_correct
Pinning to channelcard_pinned, card_unpinnedpin_id, channel_id, is_channel_featured, is_channel_curated, is_channel_public, channel_name
Bookmarkscard_bookmarked, card_unbookmarkedcard_bookmark_id
Ratingscard_relevance_ratedcard_rating, card_level
Commentscard_comment_created, card_comment_deletedcomment_type, comment_message, comment_id
Moderationcard_approved_for_channel, card_rejected_for_channelchannel_id
Sharingcard_sharedshared_to_user_id, team_id
Channel membershipcard_added_to_channel, card_removed_from_channelchannel_id, is_channel_featured, is_channel_curated, is_channel_public, channel_name
Othercard_unreported, card_untrashed, card_trashed, card_comment_unreported, card_comment_trashedThese events only have card_id and 'attributes' which is a JSON serialized dictionary
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