List of events - Channels
event notes
channel_added_to_channel_carouselWhen a channel carousel is added to carousal
channel_removed_from_channel_carouselWhen a channel is removed from carousal
channel_carousel_createdWhen a new channel carousel is created
channel_carousel_deletedWhen a new channel carousel is deleted
channel_carousel_disabledWhen a channel carousel is disabled
channel_carousel_editedWhen a channel carousel is edited
channel_carousel_enabledWhen a channel carousel is enabled
channel_collaborator_addedWhen a collaborator is added to a channel
channel_collaborator_removedWhen a collaborator is removed from the channel
channel_createdWhen a channel is created on the platform
channel_deletedWhen a channel is deleted from the platform
channel_editedWhen a channel is edited
channel_visitedWhen a users visits a channel
channel_curator_addedWhen a curator is added to a channel
channel_curator_removedWhen a curator is removed from a channel
channel_ecl_source_addedWhen ECL is added as a source for a channel
channel_ecl_source_removedWhen ECL is removed as a source from a channel
channel_followedWhen a user follows a channel
channel_unfollowedWhen a user unfollowed a channel
channel_promotedWhen a channel is promoted
channel_unpromotedWhen a channel is unpromoted
channel_course_addedWhen source is added for a channel
channel_course_removedWhen source is removed from a channel

Entity-specific fields: Channels

field notes
channel_idThe ID of the channel
channel_nameThe name of the channel
is_channel_featuredIs the channel featured?
is_channel_curatedDoes the channel require content to be approved?
is_channel_publicIs the channel publicly visible?
is_ecl_enabledDoes the channel load content from ECL?

Edited events

We track changes to the following attributes:

label, description, is_private, curate_only, ecl_enabled, curate_ugc, allow_follow, is_open, only_authors_can_post

Entity specific events

Some specific events have different fields:

category events fields
Course membership channel_course_added, channel_course_removed course_id, course_name
Collaborators channel_collaborator_added, channel_collaborator_removed collaborator_id
Ecl sources channel_ecl_source_added, channel_ecl_source_removed ecl_source_id
Follows channel_followed, channel_unfollowed follower_id
Curators channel_curator_added, channel_curator_removed curator_id, curator_full_name
Carousels channel_carousel_created, channel_carousel_enabled, channel_carousel_disabled, channel_carousel_edited, channel_carousel_deleted, channel_added_to_channel_carousel, channel_removed_from_channel_carousel channel_carousel_creator_id, channel_carousel_id, channel_carousel_display_name, is_channel_carousel_enabled, channel_carousel_slug
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