List of events - Groups
event notes
group_card_assignedWhen a group is assigned a card
group_channel_followedWhen a group follows a channel
group_channel_unfollowedWhen a group unfollows a channel
group_createdWhen a group is created
group_deletedWhen a group is deleted
group_editedWhen a group is edited
group_notification_sentWhen a notification is sent to a group
group_user_addedWhen a user is added to a group
group_user_editedWhen a user role is edited in a group
group_user_removedWhen a user is removed to a group
group_visitedWhen a user visits a group

Standard fields

The following useful information is found on all group events:

field notes
group_nameThe Name of the group
group_idID of the group

Edited events

Changes to the following columns are tracked via group_edited events:

name, description, auto_assign_content, only_admin_can_post, is_private, is_mandatory, image_file_name, image_content_type, domains, value

Event-specific fields

Certain events have additional information included:

category events fields
Group membership group_user_added, group_user_removed group_user_role, group_user_id
Channels group_channel_followed, group_channel_unfollowed channel_id, channel_name
Cards group_card_assigned card_id
Other group_notification_sent These events only have group_id and 'attributes' which is a JSON serialized dictionary
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