List of events - Integrations
event notes
integration_activatedWhen Integration is acrivated
integration_addedWhen new integration is added
integration_content_fetchedWhen content is fetched from the integration source
integration_deactivatedWhen integration is deactivated
integration_ecl_content_access_disabledWhen ECL content is disabled for integration
integration_ecl_content_access_enabledWhen ECL is enabled for integration
integration_editedWhen integration is edited
integration_featuredWhen integration is marked as featured
integration_removedWhen integration is deleted
integration_unfeaturedWhen integration is marked as unfeatured
lrs_integration_activatedWhen LRS integration is activated
lrs_integration_addedWhen LRS integration is added
lrs_integration_deactivatedWhen LRS integration is deactivated
lrs_integration_editedWhen LRS integration is edited
lrs_integration_removedWhen LRS integration is deleted

The data for these events is stored in a single JSON-serialized field "attributes".

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