Using The Endpoint


The endpoint api/developer/v1/events is the gateway to our "raw" events data.

This is stored on InfluxDB and is used by our DOMO connector to retrieve data.


It's the same as the other developer APIs.

Uses X-DEVELOPER-API-KEY and X-JWT-TOKEN headers along with JSON content-type.


  • entity (required)
  • The name of the "measurment" you would like to query. This is akin to a 'table' in other databases.
  • accepted values: users, cards, groups, channels, searches, organizations, user_scores, xapi_credentials, integrations
  • each entity's data follows a unique schema, although there are some fields which are common to all the entities.

  • start_date (required)

  • A unix timestamp which is the earliest time to include.

  • end_date (required)

  • A unix timestamp which is the latest time to include.

  • limit (required)

  • maximum number of records to return.

  • event_name (optional)

  • A filter on which events are returned. List is documented below.

  • offset (optional)

  • used in conjunction with limit for pagination.


start_date and end_date must not span a range more than 1 week.

If you want to query for a longer time range, split it up into smaller time ranges and request those in a loop.

We also enforce a maximum limit of 50,000

Response Format

The response will always be an array. This will be empty if there are no results. If there are results, those records can be fetched using response[0]["values"]. This gives an array of hashes, each of which represents a single event. The specific fields in these events are documented below.

Note that we do not send fields with null values. This is because there are many fields that are only set in certain events. Without removing these fields from other events, the number of fields is a bit too large for comfort.

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