List of events - Users
event notes
user_badge_completedA user achieves a badge
user_createdA user registers or gets registered by an admin
user_custom_field_addedThe user-specific value for a custom field is set for the first time
user_custom_field_editedThe user-specific value for a custom field is changed
user_custom_field_removedThe user-specific value for a custom field is removed
user_editedSome attribute of a user is changed
user_expertise_topic_addedA user adds an entry to their "expertise skills" list
user_expertise_topic_removedA user removes an entry from their "expertise skills" list
user_followedA User followed by another user
user_interest_topic_addedA user adds an entry to their "interest topic" list
user_interest_topic_removedA user removes an entry to their "interest topic" list
user_logged_inA user logged into the platform
user_onboarding_completedA User completes onboarding
user_onboarding_createdA New User is created
user_onboarding_deletedA User Onboarding is removed
user_onboarding_startedA User started with Onboarding
user_profile_visitedA user views the profile of another user.
user_role_addedA User role is added
user_role_removedA User role is removed
user_skill_createdA User skill is added
user_skill_deletedA User skill is removed
user_skill_editedA User skill attributes are changed
user_suspendedA user is suspended
user_unfollowedA User unfollowed by another user
user_unsuspendedA user is unsuspended

Standard Fields

field notes
sign_in_ipIP address of the user
sign_in_atTime at which the User logged into the platform
user_idID of the User
user_roleRoles associated with the User
user_org_uidUnique ID of the User
org_hostnameHost name of the organizations
full_nameFull Name of the User
user_handleUser handle

Edited events

We track changes to the following attributes:

email, first_name, last_name, handle, bio, is_complete, organization_role, parent_user_id, locked_at, is_active, hide_from_leaderboard, exclude_from_leaderboard, default_team_id

The following attributes on user profiles are also tracked through the user_edited event:

hr_job_role_id, hr_organization_id, hr_location_id, hr_competency_id, hr_domain_id, time_zone, tac_accepted, language, dob, tac_accepted_at, job_title

On user custom fields we only track edited events for the field 'value'.

Event-specific fields

category events fields
Creationuser_createdcreated_user_id, upload_mode
Role Changesuser_role_added, user_role_removedmember_user_id
Suspensionuser_suspended, user_unsuspendedsuspended_user_id
Profile Visitsuser_profile_visitedvisited_profile_user_id
Skillsuser_skill_created, user_skill_edited, user_skill_deletedskill_name, skill_id, skill_description, skill_experience, skill_level, skill_credential_name, skill_credential_url, skill_credential
Onboardinguser_onboarding_created, user_onboarding_started, user_onboarding_completed, user_onboarding_deleteduser_onboarding_id, user_onboarding_current_step, user_onboarding_status
Followsuser_followed, user_unfollowedfollowed_user_id, follower_id, followed_user_full_name, followed_user_handle
Expertise and Interestuser_expertise_topic_added, user_expertise_topic_removed, user_interest_topic_added, user_interest_topic_temovedtopic_id, topic_name, topic_label, domain_id, domain_name, domain_label, member_user_id
Custom Fieldsuser_custom_field_added, user_custom_field_removed, user_custom_field_editedcustom_field_display_name, custom_field_id, member_user_id, value
badgesuser_badge_completedbadge_id, badge_title, badge_type
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