Developer API Authentication

EdCast uses JWT authentication standard to access the Developer API's. Developer API's requires JWT-TOKEN to be passed in the header of every request.

JWT token can be generated using below API.

GET /api/developer/v5/auth

This API requires X-API-KEY and X-AUTH-TOKEN in the request header.

JWT Token Generation Steps

  • Generate X-API-Key and Secret_key from EdCast Administratration portal
  • Generate X-AUTH-TOKEN using online JWT encoding service like
    • X-AUTH-TOKEN = JWT.encode(payload, secret_key)
  • Sample payload
    • payload = { email: "" }

Example Request

curl --location --request GET "https://BASE-ORG-URL/api/developer/v5/auth" \
 --header "X-API-KEY : <API-KEY>" \
 --header "X-AUTH-TOKEN: <JWT.encode(payload, secret_key)>"

Example Response

200 - OK
	jwt_token: "nkdnlkikjf4753408yhlsdkbfhb43rgcdjbvjkh8fyu"
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