Edcast docs: /events API

The endpoint api/developer/v1/events is used to query our InfluxDB time-series database for a list of events performed on the Edcast platform over a specific time period.

For performance reasons, it is designed only for bulk-ingestion. Currently, it is not possible to query for only events of a particular user or content.


On June 13, 2019 we moved this endpoint from our primary LXP backend to a microservice. Headers, parameters, and response structure are exactly the same as before. The only thing that must change from a consumer's perspective is the URL hostname. The new host is https://edcplatformevents.edcastcloud.com (for non-US regions please ask support@edcast.com)

We also added two new restrictions on the API:

  1. The start_date and end_date in a query must not span more than one week. Since this endpoint provides a quite "raw" gateway to our database, we need to be careful about limiting expensive queries. Time-based pagination performs better than limit/offset in InfluxDB because the database is sharded based on time. What this means in practice is that if you need a months worth of data, you should split that up into 4 1-week requests and then combine the result data on your end.

  2. Limit cannot be greater than 50,000. This is to prevent memory usage from spiking on our servers.

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